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Meet Robert

Flowers bring joy to people, and that is exactly what I love to do. Seeing the smiles on the faces of you and your loved ones when I arrive at the event location is something I will never get tired of. The fact that my passion for flowers has the ability to light up a room is so special to me. I found this passion years ago; I was fresh out of college, not exactly sure what I wanted to do with my life, so I decided to go out in my front yard, cut some flowers and greenery, arrange them in a vase, and head to a local flower shop in hopes of securing a job to pass the time until I figured out my next move. I was hired on the spot, about a week later I fell in love with everything about the floral industry. From there I went to work at a bigger flower shop until I gained enough knowledge to start my own business! Southern Stems is dedicated to blossoming your floral dreams into a reality; I look forward to working with you and spreading joy through my love for flowers!

A Florist, A Passion, A Smile
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